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Your recording studio in Hattingen Audio Engineering for the modern World

Welcome to Overstage Studio, the recording studio for modern rock music productions.

As an experienced music producer in the field of modern rock, I support you in creating the ideal sound for your ideas.

Let's realize your visions together.

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Together we will find the perfect balance between heavy guitar riffs, punchy drums and powerful vocals to give your music that certain something. Productivity and creativity are guaranteed here at Overstage Studio Hattingen! Above all, the individual style of each artist should be recognizable.

What we offer you:

In a relaxed atmosphere, your studio sessions will not only be productive, but also create unforgettable moments.


overstage Studio: Where music lives and emotions arise!

Our passion for modern rock drives us to push boundaries and create music that connects with listeners. This isn't just about producing music, it's about creating emotion.

So, grab your instruments, come over and let's give your music the shine it deserves.

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